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Golf, In So Many Words
The 257 Most Essential Things to Know About the Game of Golf

By Thomas Finley

Book CoverGolf, In So Many Words - The 257 Most Esssential Things to Know About the Game of Golf, is an informative book with a little humor thrown in and written with a certain group of folks in mind. The target audience includes all those who seem to be a bit on the periphery of this game and desire to have a better understanding and knowledge. How many of us find ourselves facing a business golf outing, the ubiquitous "Captain's Choice" without any knowledge of which end of a golf club to hold on to. How many of us are heading out to the nearest PGA or LPGA event to drink beer, bathe in the warm sun and watch Tiger Woods, Lefty or Annika walk past without the slightest understanding of what these athletes are trying to accomplish. Think of the large numbers who watch golf on television each weekend because "the guys are cute" or Tiger is near the lead without really understanding the challenges, etiquette, rules or skill demands.

Golf has been gaining in popularity over the past few years with the advent of Tiger, John Daly, Phil and Annika and the many other exciting stars of the game. Every year millions will try to learn the game and get started and for lots of reasons whether for exercise, comraderie, fun or whatever. This book is for all of these folks who need to be introduced to the game or want to become a little more in-the-know. Those who have already taken up the game will also enjoy this read as they learn many of the nuiances of the game and the rich venacular of the game. Golf, In So Many Words is a primer and includes the world's largest glossary of golf terms and phrases. It covers what the author considers the 257 Most Essentials Things one must know and understand to truly appreciate this great game of golf or to get started playing. I think you'll enjoy it.

The author, Tom Finley, is a graduate of Clemson University and has spent over 35 years as a business executive. At age 61, this is Tom's second golf book. In 1999 he published Golf In The Upstate - Since 1895 a limited edition, history of golf in the Upstate of South Carolina which was a regional favorite. He is a weekend golfer who has played in numerous local and club events, an historian of the game, golf writer, a student of the rules, a collector, clubmaker and fan. A sports columnist once described Finley as someone who took a hobby, a past time and turned it into a project. This was after Finley had spent over six years researching the golf history of the Upstate of South Carolina. Tom is a self proclaimed golf junkie.

Golf, In So Many Words
The 257 Most Essential Things to Know About the Game of Golf
Published by Publish America

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Chapter 13 - How to Know You Are Essentially Addicted to Golf

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